What Is ASEA?

So, you’ve heard the hype about the miracle water and skincare line that are changing the lives of people around the world, and have perhaps even done some research to learn more. But what is ASEA really about? You may be surprised to learn that this direct sales company does a whole lot more than just offer a way for representatives to make money working from home.

The Beginning

After three decades with Kraft Foods, Verdis Norton retired as the Vice President of Strategy and later was asked to sit on the board for a small biotech company. When the company came upon hard times financially, Norton recognized an opportunity, and purchased the redox signaling technology. By 2010 his first product was ready to be introduced to the public.

The Products

Norton’s first product was ASEA Redox Supplement, a drink touted by many to be a miracle water. Although critics claim the supplement is a scam and are convinced it can’t possibly do what it says, the FDA, NSF, and extensive scientific research and testing say otherwise. Renu 28 came onto the market in 2014, along with the Renu Advanced skincare line, offering customers a scientifically proven way to improve their skin from the outside in, while offering anti-aging properties at the same time.

ASEA Advancing Life Foundation

In addition to offering company representatives a way to improve their lives, take control of their financial future, and build their own businesses, ASEA takes every opportunity to help improve the lives of people all around the world. With the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation, ASEA uses their time, manpower, and resources to help empower the less fortunate by providing access to education and health care, in addition to solutions for poverty and abuse.

ASEA Sponsored Athletes

ASEA sponsors athletes to help spread the word about their products, and allow potential customers see how truly amazing these products really are. The idea behind the sponsorship is to show that ASEA Redox Supplement has been proven effective in improving the overall endurance and performance of even the top athletes in the world; if someone in peak physical condition can benefit from this miracle water, there is absolutely no reason it can’t work for you.

The Truth About ASEA

ASEA literally means “from the sea”, a natural wonder that symbolizes healing, rebirth, and rejuvenation. Just as the ocean is constantly moving, changing, and renewing itself, ASEA’s redox signaling products help your body do the same. If you’re looking for a change in your body and your health, consider giving ASEA’s products a try—really, what do you have to lose?