Science Based Medicine

Rather than taking a company’s word for it, if you’re like most consumers, you want to research a product and find unbiased reviews, both good and bad, so you have a good idea of how legit the product is before giving it a shot. And what’s better and more reliable than a review written by someone who’s used the product? A scientific study that proves the level of efficacy of the product you’re interested in.

What Is ASEA?

So, what is ASEA and why do we care whether or not their products are backed by scientific evidence? In a market that is inundated with products claiming to offer the miracle cure to aging, ASEA stands apart, offering products to help renew and revitalize cells within your body by encouraging an improvement in the redox signaling that goes on between your cells and your body. Most other companies rely on fancy phrasing to sell their product, but at ASEA, they rely on scientific evidence to prove that their innovative approach to anti-aging is in fact legit.

The Products

Founded in 2010, ASEA has spent nearly the past decade looking for new ways to improve not only the esthetics of their customers, but also their overall health. ASEA’s Redox Supplement was their first product to hit the market, and offers buyers a way to consume the redox signaling molecules necessary to improve communication between the body and the cells. Renu 28 and the whole Renu Advanced skin care line just recently hit the market and, like the Redox Supplement, have been scientifically proven to do just what they say they will—improve cell health.

ASEA’s Scientific Testing

ASEA invests a significant amount of time and money into the studies done on their products, ensuring only the most reputable labs with the best scientists are testing them. Any company can claim their products are scientifically proven to produce certain results, but reading those claims are in fact backed by the FDA or Dermatest Research Institute for Reliable Results turns a claim into a factual statement. The experts behind ASEA science based medicine take every step to ensure the products they produce do exactly what they claim to avoid any confusion or frustration from customers.   

Do You Trust Science?

Here are the facts: every product sold by ASEA is put through rigorous scientific testing that has ultimately backed up their claims on each one of their products. So, what it comes down to is, do you trust scientific testing to be accurate? If the answer is yes, it may be time for you to consider giving ASEA’s products a try to see for yourself what this miracle water and skin care line can do for your health and body.